Ore Beneficiation

HVI sand making machine

Feed particle size35-55mm.

Processing capacity70-585t/h.

Applicable materialMarble, river pebbles, potassium feldspar, iron ore, pebbles and other metal, non-metallic ore materials..

Sell Hot:  South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya,Mexico, Uzbekistan, Chile, Tanzania, Peru, Brunei, Brazil, Iran, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Russia, Venezuela, USA, etc.

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HVI sand making machine is a new type in the current sand making equipment. The structure is upgraded, the working performance is further improved, and the sand making function is also suitable for shaping. Whether it is sand production or sandstone quality, it has been greatly improved. A rising star in sand and gravel equipment. It can be used for metal non-metallic ore materials, building materials, artificial sand and various metallurgical slag crushing, sand making and shaping.

HVI sand making machine performance advantages

High Yield
The deep cavity impeller has higher throughput, larger processing capacity per unit time and higher output;

Beautiful sand and gravel
The sand making also has the shaping function, and the two middle feeding modes are flexible and instant conversion, which can accurately control the finished taste, the sandstone has uniform particle size, and there is no excessive needle-shaped material;

Longer effective life
Combined throwing head, the inner guard plate can be adjusted, the worn part can be replaced, the effective working life is longer, and the comprehensive operation is low;

Lubrication options
The bearing chamber is of thin oil type and grease type modular design, which is easy to interchange and can be flexibly selected according to the demand.


TYPE Input (mm) Sand making Shaping power(kw)
HVI 0815  <30 70-140  130-230  2×75 
HVI 0818 <30 80-190 165-283 2×90
HVI 0922 <35 105-145 220-330 2×110
HVI 0926 <40 120-190 240-380 2×132
HVI 1032 <45 181-278 246-356 2×160
HVI 1040 <45 262-284 350-440 2×200
HVI 1250 <50 345-371 414-540 2×250
HVI 1263 <55 453-498 521-585 2×315


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